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October 14th & 16th | Live Session Times 12pm - 2pm (UTC -5)

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Two Live Sessions Plus…

Demonstration Videos, Printable resources and after-class activities, throughout the course.

Are you ready to toilet train your child…..but feel unclear or confused about how to achieve this important milestone successfully? Or perhaps your child had begun using the toilet, and now appears to be either resistant or avoiding your attempts to help them use the toilet more consistently and successfully.


Whatever toilet troubles you are currently facing, let The Autism Treatment Center of America® help you remove the push, inspiring your child to actually enjoy using the toilet. No matter your child’s current age, or toileting history, we know how much it means to you to be able to witness those amazing toilet triumphs. So get ready to hop aboard the train to destination Toilet Triumph!


In Toilet Trouble to Toilet Triumph, we will help you to:

  • Find out why  other toilet training protocols you have tried have fallen short with your child.
  • Gain Son-Rise Program  tools to make toileting fun and motivating for your child, and for you
  • Learn what’s preventing your child  from learning this skill in contrast to their Neuro-Typical siblings and peers, who mastered toilet training more easily.
  • Create a household culture of success around the toilet, one that the whole family will love
  • Join a community of other Son-Rise Program parents and care-givers who are in the exact same situation as you and your child.


At the end of Toilet Trouble to Toilet Triumph, you will have everything you need to start, or re-start, toilet training your child with confidence and ease. After the completion of this program, imagine being able to say, “Me and my child love the toilet!”


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14Oct LIVE SESSION: Part #1
  • Oct 14 12:00 PM to Oct 14 2:00 PM ((UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) )
    Instructor: Camila Titone
42 of 47 seats available


16Oct LIVE SESSION: Part #2
  • Oct 16 12:00 PM to Oct 16 2:00 PM ((UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) )
    Instructor: Becky Damgaard
42 of 47 seats available